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Who We Are

  • Who we are

    We are a primary mortgage Bank (PMB) set up to provide first class mortgage financial services to professionals, public service workers, corporate bodises/institutions, cooperative societies and its members, as well as other interested individuals or groups.

    We provide mortgages that empower/ enable our customers have residences and investments that create social stability, thus ensuring capacity development, under terms that would meet world best standards. Ten years from now, our brand will be the clear brand of choice in terms of mortgages and housing provision in Nigeria

  • What we see

    To be the dominant provider of mortgage banking services in Nigeria with a Mission to function creatively within the operating environment and fill the void in the mortgage market, in order to provide affordable mortgage options for everyone


  • Aims

    To increase the housing stock through the provision of properties, and to provide mortgages that would enable our customers acquire these properties. We are set out to redefine the concept, system and mechanism of mortgage operation in the Nigeria Mortgage Banking Industry.

    Our Core Values (S.I.P.C.I.T.E)

    • Solution focused
    • Integrity
    • Professionalism
    • Commitment
    • Innovation
    • Team Spirit
    • Excellence

  • Aims

    It lies in the provision of specialized/customized retail mortgage banking products/services aimed at enabling our various clienteles to own their homes. We engage only in permissible business activities such as;

    • Mortgage Finance.
    • Real estate construction finance within permitted limits.
    • Acceptance of savings and tenured deposits.
    • Acceptance of mortgage focused demand deposits.
    • Drawing from the mortgage funds (e.g NHF and NMRC) for on lending
    • Financial advisory services for mortgage customers.



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